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Lubricant Oil

KDI is a sales agent of British Petroleum, which is one of the largest oil company. With access to BP’s global network, KDI is able to supply Castrol brand lubricant oil all over the world.

Spare Parts (Engine and Aux. Machinery)

As a sales agency supplying all types of engine parts of HSD Engine, KDI is able to ensure that we provide our clients with engine parts of the best speed, quality and price In addition, we supply the Aux. equipment parts with excellent service at a competitive price.

KDI provides genuine parts with reasonable price as an authorized sales agency for the STX Engine, a leading manufacturer in the world’s marine engine market.


As a sales agent of Hempel and Nippon Paint, KDI supplies paint that is of premium quality at a competitive price to meet
clients’ needs, specific to each ship’s characteristics.

Chemical Products

KDI is a sales agent of g&e Bridge, who supplies all types of chemical cleaning product for marine

Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)

As an agent of MECys, KDI supplies ECDIS engineered by MECys with indigenous technology for domestic applications. ECDIS is a computer-based navigation system that complies with IMO regulations and can be used as an alternative to paper navigation charts. Displaying selected information from navigation sensors, it assists the mariner in route planning and route monitoring, and by displaying additional navigation-related information if required.

Nautical Charts (OneOcean)

KDI is a sales agency of OneOcean(UK), the global leader in maritime compliance and digital navigation software, providing Charts (ENC & Paper) and various formats for the navigational books to the major Korean shipping companies. OneOcean’s platform provides a single solution for compliance and e-navigation. The platform functionality allows for easy integration with existing compliance monitoring and management tools, providing flexibility to use OneOcean's solution on its own or in tandem with your existing applications